SharePoint in operating organizations

//SharePoint in operating organizations

SharePoint in operating organizations

During my consulting and auditing travels, I have the opportunity to dig deep into an organizations processes and activities. I often come across poorly, or barely, implemented SharePoint sites. Its like the company has installed it, looked at it and tossed it in a corner. They just don’t know what to do with it. They will go and spend thousands of dollars on other system, when, if they took the time (or even knew what the capabilities were) they could do the same with the product they have; SharePoint.

With these series of blogs I’ll show what can actually be done with it, I call it SharePoint for the real world. I’ll provide real examples of implementations for manufacturing, construction, marine and government and how to use it to make compliance a snap for management systems such as quality, health and safety, environment and security. I’ll bridge the gap between what you and your employees need and how these things can be achieved in SharePoint.

You’ll see examples of successful SharePoint developments such as creating maintenance tracking systems, calibration records, instrument tracking, production calendars, hazard identification and risk assessment systems, inspection logs, incident management, non conformance recording and reporting, internal audit processes, action item trackers, training records systems, and of course document management.

WHAT!?! You didn’t know it could do all this? Yes, it can, and most of it right out of the box.

Because all it it is built on the Sharepoint platform, its completely scalable to grow and add to as your company needs change.

Can’t wait for the blog to come out? Contact us now and we’ll show you how.

Mark Silvester

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Consultant, Auditor, Instructor. SharePoint evangelist. Hi, I have been using Sharepoint with my clients since 2007. As a consultant and auditor for the past 20 years I have seen a lot of companies completely miss the boat when it comes to what they can do with their Sharepoint. I bristle every time I read an article about it calling it a document management system; it can do so much more! I have implemented Sharepoint checklists accessible from a persons cell phone, setup systems to manage and remind stakeholders of training and certification, built inspection processes, risk registers, ECM systems, corrective action tracking, setup integrations with a company's ERP data, and on and on; All using Sharepoint OUT OF THE BOX, no add ins, no custom code. Let me show you what you are missing.

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